You may experience pressure, especially at school, to do things that you know are not right.  Face it; you have a lot on your plate.  You are managing school, family and social interactions. All of that could be overwhelming.  Most people want to be in control of their lives.  Sometimes a little help and support is needed to navigate these complex problems.

Above The Hustle provides a platform for developing your voice in art, music, fashion, writing, street marketing and public advocacy.  Through a series of programs, workshops, brainstorming sessions and events, you will learn to transform your life, community, influence culture and advocate for political change.

Above The Hustle will help you develop leadership and literacy skills, because life can be a struggle. You will get answers and build positive self-esteem. It’s about becoming more aware and learning to be unshakable under pressure.

Be the boss of your life. Get involved!