You Get Screwed.

The story you need to know.

Drug cartels make $64 BILLION a year in the U.S., addicting young people. They target young people, especially in urban communities, because they want your money. If they can get people hooked, they will have customers for years to come. Drugs destroy lives, families and communities. In 2014, drug overdoses killed more than 1,000 people, cost Indiana $1.4 billion in medical costs and caused people to lose lifetime earnings. 

Drugs hurt everyone. When drugs are allow into communities everybody pays—one way or another! Drug dealers only care about is sticking your money in their pockets. Live Above the Hustle and tell the drug dealers exactly where to stick their illegal junk.

Who Gets Over


Drug Cartels export millions of pounds of drug to America. They market their deadly and addictive products in the urban neighborhoods; they suck the money and the life out of people, families and communities. What is even worse is that they promote these deadly products in a way that appeals to youth. Making drugs look glamorous by using underground marketing, rebellious celebrities and the allure of quick cash to get people hooked in their deadly game.

The drug bosses know that their customers are dropping like flies, and they need to replace them on regular basis.  They will do anything to keep people hooked on their drugs; and they are looking for you and your peers to be next.

Drug King and Queenpins are responsible for lots of American deaths and murders by people that work for them. More than 130 people die each day from drug overdoses. It is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. And murder is the number one cause of death for young African American men 15 to 34, and drugs play a big role.  The drug lords get rich; you and your family are left to deal with the tardy and loss.
The Drug Cartels have a reputation for lies, deceit and murder. It’s all about the billions of dollars they make each year. The evidence is clear and convincing—people who get involved with drugs get Screwed!